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With the capabilities and expertise of RVB Consulting, you can take your business to the next level.


From organizing data to automating processes to creating actionable reports, learn how to best transform your processes and strategies, and in turn, your company.


  • Process automation

  • Tailored data visualization

  • Custom-built reporting

  • Data structure and maintenance

  • Procedure documentation

  • Digital marketing strategy

  • Customer journey assessment

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Strategic Planning

Learning each facet of your organization builds a holistic view of both the business and the customer's journey. RVB Consulting specializes in streamlining and automating processes allowing your businesses to focus on growth and ensuring a successful future.

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Report Structure

Are your reports capturing the right attention? Does your data tell the best story? Sharing lemons when you could have shared lemonade? Let an expert guide you. Capture information that sparks insights for your next steps in today’s rapidly evolving environment.

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Data Governance

Operating with best practices for data creation and maintenance gives longevity to future business. Tailor your processes to your operational goals to ensure that your data will grow with you. RVB Consulting has the data expertise to build, cleanse, and reorganize any CRM.

Digital Work

Specialized Consulting

In addition to expertise in data and reporting, RVB Consulting provides marketing support for email campaigns, survey design, and website strategy. Pull together all aspects of how you interact with your customers to discover how your business can fulfill future needs.


Rachel Van Berkel


Like you, I want to give my clients world class service. As a data, analytics, and digital marketing expert, I love getting the chance to help optimize any aspect of a company. Over a decade of experience streamlining operations, creating stimulating products, and teaching data-driven decision making has given me unique insight that can organize and streamline your business.

I believe that understanding the whole organization will lead to finding the best way for each line of business to work toward a shared goal.

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4231 Balboa Ave, #403
San Diego, CA 92117

(858) 381-2025

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